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TT1600R Parts List and Exploded Views

No.Part NumberDescriptionPriceDetails
110001Grip, Left Hand (Part #10001) Fits TT250, TT350R, TT750R, TT1000R, TT1600R$3.00View Item
219045Switch, Headlight and Horn (Part #19045) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$6.05View Item
310185Rear Brake Assembly, Complete with Line and Caliper, Left Side (Part #10185) Fits TT1600R$44.95View Item
410186Front Brake Assembly, Complete with Line and Caliper, Right Side (Part #10186) Fits TT1600R$44.95View Item
519046Throttle Control-H/L Switch (Part #19046) Fits TT1600R$29.50View Item
5.119044Throttle Control with Hi/Lo Switch, Full Length Grip Set (Part #19044) Fits TT1600R$29.50Now Accepting Preorders
610191Bushing, Throttle Control (Part #10191) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R - See 10104$1.00View Item
710002Grip, Right Hand (Part #10002) Fits TT250, TT350R, TT750R, TT1000R, TT1600R$2.00View Item
810193Handlebars (Part #10193) Fits TT1600R$19.95View Item
910189Master Cylinder Front Brake, Right Side (Part #10189) Fits TT1600R$19.95View Item
1010188Master Cylinder Rear Brake, Left Side (Part #10188) Fits TT1600R$19.95View Item
1110238Hose, Front, Includes Ferrels (Part #10238) Fits TT1600R$10.95View Item
1210237Hose, Rear, Includes Ferrels (Part #10237) Fits TT1600R$11.95View Item
1319064Switch, Brake Light (Part #19064) Fits TT1600R$19.95View Item
1410190Caliper, Front or Rear with pads (Part #10190) Fits TT1600R$21.95View Item
1510187Brake Pads (Part #10187) Fits TT1600R$8.95View Item
15.110155Brake Pad Kit with Hardware Set (Part #10155) Fits TT1600R$16.95View Item
1610240Lever, Hand Brake, Right or Left Side with pivot pins, Cast Type (Part #10240) Fits All TT1600R$6.95View Item
16.110239Lever, Right and Left Side Stamped Type (Part #10239) Fits 2022 TT1600R$6.95View Item