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TT1600R Parts List and Exploded Views

No.Part NumberDescriptionPriceDetails
119055LED Light Ring Cover (Part #19055) Fits TT1600R$5.00View Item
219057LED Side Light Silicone Seal Pad (Part #19057) Fits TT1600R$1.00View Item
310228Battery Box Side Cover (Part #10228) Fits TT1600R$12.00View Item
400122Screw, SHCS (Black), M5X12 (Part #00122) Fits TT250, TT350R, TT750R, TT1000R$0.25View Item
600264Nut, Hex, M3 (Part #00264) Fits TT1600R$0.50View Item
700266Screw, Self Tapping, ST4.2X12 (Part #00266) Fits TT1600R$0.12Out of Stock
810229Battery Box, Left (Part #10229) Fits TT1600R$18.00View Item
910230Battery Box, Right (Part #10230) Fits TT1600R$18.00View Item
1019065Burromax Logo, Adhesive Back, Set Left and Right (Part #19065) Fits TT1600R$17.95View Item
1100159Grommet, Battery Box Wires (Part #00159) Fits TT250, TT350R, TT750R, TT1600R$1.50View Item
1210231Cover, Air Intake screen for Controller (Part #10231) Fits TT1600R$4.00View Item
1300266Screw, Self Tapping, ST4.2X12 (Part #00266) Fits TT1600R$0.12Out of Stock
1400269Nut, Clip Type, M5 (Part #00269) Fits TT1600R$0.50View Item
1510232Bracket, Side Light switch (Part #10232) Fits TT1600R$4.00View Item
1600275Screw, Self Tapping, ST3.8x12 (Part #00275) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$0.12View Item
1700269Nut, Clip Type, M5 (Part #00269) Fits TT1600R$0.50View Item
1810233Bracket, Horn (Part #10233) Fits TT1600R$4.00Out of Stock
1900266Screw, Self Tapping, ST4.2X12 (Part #00266) Fits TT1600R$0.12Out of Stock
2010234Battery Box Top Cover (Part #10234) Fits TT1600R$14.00View Item
2100271Screw, Button Head (Black), M6X16 (Part #00271) Fits TT1600R$0.12View Item
2200272Nut, Clip Type, M6 (Part #00272) Fits TT1600R$0.50View Item
2319058Switch, Hi/Lo Long Wire 270mm (Part #19058) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$2.50View Item
2419056LED Side Light PCB, Right or Left ( Part # 19056) Fits TT1600R$15.00View Item
2519049Key Switch w/Keys (Part #19049) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$16.95View Item
2619053Battery Charging Port (Part #19053) Fits TT1600R$12.95View Item
2719051Horn (Part #19051) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$8.95View Item
2819060Controller Mid 2022 Ver3 52V (Part #19060) Fits all TT1600R$79.95View Item
28.119066Performance Controller Kit, Hunting and Stunting, 50A Controller 48-52V with Speedo Switch (Part #19066) Fits TT1600R$89.95Now Accepting Preorders
28.216051Performance Off Road Hunters Kit, 50A Controller, Hill Climbing Gear Set, Cat Claw Tires (Part #16051) Fits TT1600R$319.90Now Accepting Preorders
2910235Battery Tray (Part #10235) Fits TT1600R$22.00View Item
3010236Battery Strap (Part #10236) Fits TT1600R$12.00View Item
3100263Screw, SHCS, SS M5X12 (Part #00263) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$0.12View Item
3219063Switch, Side Light, Short Wire 120mm (Part #19063) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$2.50View Item