Why Burromax Bikes

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Burromax Bikes

  • We are not a mini bike reseller. At Burromax we design and build all our bike in-house.
  • We have spare parts and have excellent customer support.
  • These bikes are lightweight and can travel with you anywhere. The size of the TT series allows these to fit into almost any trunk and the bikes weigh in at 55-62 lbs
  • TT250 and TT350R are upgradeable and made to last. Those two models have performance mods and accessories that will allow you to enjoy ypur purchase for years to come.
  • Our Lithium battery bikes charge to runtime ratio is guarenteed to outlast the competition.
  • The TT750R is the fastest of the mini electrics available and is sure to impress even the most die hard gas guys.
  • Our bikes doesn't omit foul odors, overheat, or cause irritation. So you won't have to worry about burns or rashes.

The slideshow below contains user submitted images from some of our satisfied customers.

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