FAQ here at Burromax

1. Are you a distributor for Burromax Brand?

No we are the designer and manufacturer of these products—We provide designs, engineering and work directly with the factory as the exclusive distribution for these products. if you would like to become a dealer

2. Do you have parts if we need them?

We stock parts for all models we sell in our St Louis warehouse as well as accessories and upgrade kits. If you need anything just call us or order online through our extensive Parts listing by model. Click here to Find Parts

3. How far do they go on a charge?

We list all ranges with the following methodology—All testing is done on flat ground at wide open throttle with a given weight and expressed in miles traveled. There are some variances like wind in this methodology but given that Tire pressure, rider weight, terrain and riding style make such a difference in range and ride time, this was the most objective way we felt we could test. With that said all distances are flat ground/wide open throttle with 50 psi in the tires.

1. TT250
  • 100lb rider 12 miles
2. TT350R
  • 100lb rider 20 miles
  • 185lb rider 14 miles
3. TT750R
  • 185lb rider 14 miles
4. TT1600R
  • up to 30 miles

We’ve seen lighter riders go for a couple of hours on the TT250 and seen the TT350R go for over 5 hours when used by conservative riders or lighter weight riders. The TT750 will not change much with a lighter rider weight in wide open test but does respond well to partial throttle operation for extended range ( as do all models).

4. How long do the batteries last (Life of Battery)?

The life of batteries are expressed in charge cycles and typically refer to the number of charge cycles it takes to make the battery 75% of what it was when it was new. For the SLA batteries we figure about 300 charge cycles for a properly maintained battery—this can be drastically reduced by a single episode of putting a bike away for a week or two when the battery is dead, not fully cycling the battery and charging the battery partially, riding and repeating this. If you treat SLA batteries right we see 2-3 years use as a typical life. For the lithium Ion batteries we figure about 500 charge cycles and the good thing about lithium is the will keep going past this, although with less ride time. Lithium batteries tolerate everything better (except extreme cold operation) better than SLA.

5. What’s the maximum rider weight?

We get this question a lot and people are surprised to hear when we tell them 250lb on the small bikes. Here’s the way we see it and have tested it. On relatively flat pavement all the bikes will operate fine up to 250lb. Riding around a campground or racetrack paddock on pavement is good for all of them. Add in some hills and the weight needs to get reduced or the power needs to go up. Kids on TT250 can run around in the grass or trails and go about anywhere under 75 lbs. For the TT350R an 8% grade at 185lb is about max it will pull on pavement and it’s working. Drop the weight to 75lbs and the bike runs right up it. The TT750R goes anywhere with a lighter rider who’s not constantly whacking the throttle. A 185lb rider can go a couple of miles on grass with small hills and no hard pack surface but it can get one hot and shut it down. Running wide open, with hills or not, on pavement, it goes without issue for the full charge. Our TT40 Gas Bike can also handle heavier riders on flat ground but it has a centrifugal clutch that will overheat with heavier riders. We recommend a maximum of 145 lbs on this bike for the best performance and life.

6. Do the bikes require assembly?

Very little--all of our electric models come fully assembled less handlebars. You only have to install the bars (4 Bolts) and tools are included, check tire pressure, and you are ready to go. Our TT40 gas bike will also need the oil provided put into the engine and primary case as well.

7. Do the Electric bikes also come with a Charger?

Yes—The battery chargers are included

8. Can you make the bikes faster?

Yes! The TT250 can be upgraded with a Lithium battery later increasing the products life. Both the TT250 and TT350R have a 500W upgrade motor and Controller that will pick them up to about 22 mph if you already have one!

9. What’s the difference in SLA batteries and Lithium Batteries—are they safe?

The key difference in the charge time, performance and safety are in the battery technology. All types are safe when used properly. For more information on batteries also see our blog here

SLA or “Sealed Lead Acid”

Non-spillable deep cycle battery using a similar tech that’s been in your car battery for the last 100 years. They are heavy, require a full charge then full discharge cycle and cannot be charged quickly. The advantage of these is the price only. SLA batteries will not store well if they are put away dead but good results can be achieved if you cycle them as recommended and never put them away for storage dead. You will also need to cycle these at least once every 6 months when in storage as they will lose about 10% of their stored energy per month.

Lithium-Ion NCM

is a multi cell battery made up of Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese chemistry primarily used in electric vehicles where weight, discharge power and quick charging are all desirable features. These are “smart” batteries and contain a battery management system or BMS that will control max discharge rate, charging rate, battery temperature, These are not like RC car batteries in that they are limited in the discharge rate that is possible. These batteries are very lightweight, can be partially charged and used without damage (much like your cell phone or laptop) and store very well for long periods without damage. All of the batteries and chargers are safe and meet UN, UL or ETL certification. The key to safety is not leaving chargers attached to the bikes for prolonged periods and use good common sense on the environment the bikes are being charged in.

10. Can I leave the bike plugged in overnight?

Yes you can---We don’t recommend leaving anything charging all the time but as long as the battery took a full charge in the prescribed time ( 6-8 hrs on SLA and 3-4 hrs on Lion) you should see the green light indicating that the bike is finished charging on both types of batteries. If you see something taking longer than this you should also take a look at this video here

11. Why is my TT1600R displaying a E code on the gauge?

Error Code description

E1, Motor wire connection issue or failure. Contact Us to help resolve the issue.

E2, Instrument or Gauge failure. Contact Us to help resolve the issue.

E3, Brake Sensor Adjusment or failure. Here is a Video to troubleshot this issue https://youtu.be/DjeGPtDznM4

E4, Motor Controller failure. Contact Us to help resolve the issue.

E5, Bad Throttle sensor or the connection is bad. Contact Us to help resolve the issue.