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Visiting @Burromax Mini-Bikes, Reviewing the TT750R and Test Riding the NEW TT1600R

POSTED Feb 28, 2022

Took a road trip to Burromax's new facility in Chesterfield, Missouri.

No Prep FAM

Burromax offers FOX 2 viewers 10% off

POSTED 9:08 AM CST, AUGUST 13, 2019

ST. LOUIS, Mo. Ken Francis owner of Burromax Mini Bikes joins Margie from the Fox 2 newsteam to introduce the new Burromax TT350R and TT750R lineup.

The locally owned bike shop is offering a discount for Fox 2 viewers on all the available bikes. During the checkout process, put FOX2 in the promo section to receive the discount!

Motorhead Garage on Velocity TV showcases Burromax

SEPTEMBER 30, 2018

ST. LOUIS, Mo. Ken Fancis owner of Burromax Mini Bikes joins the crew of Motorhead Garage to discuss their new line of electric mini bikes. Burromax offers electronically chargeable lithium battery bikes.

Motorhead Garage aires on Velocity TV, MAV TV and Rev'n TV every week on Sunday's, Wednesday's and Friday.

Motorhead Garage on Velocity TV
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