TT Series Electric Mini Bikes—Quality Build and Safety

Built Like a Motorcycle not a Toy

The photo below is of our TT Series frame to show you how we have taken care to design the bike in a style much closer to a motorcycle than a toy using a full tube-frame chassis. This fact is difficult to show you with the plastic body on so we wanted you to see the frame with the body off. This is a big difference in our products and what you will find at the box stores. On top of that, these bikes have a working front and rear adjustable suspension to go along with disc brakes and alloy wheels. These are features not on the most popular box store models.


Safety Features

Another feature we provide is not only pretty cool looking battery and controller housing but our additional safety features. First, we give the buyer a key so children cannot start the bike  with a simple flip of a switch. Having a bike with a key also teaches some responsibility to children and keeps others off the bike when you're not looking. Best of all, parental control goes even further with a very well hidden Hi/Low switch. Therefore, you can limit the speed when younger or inexperienced riders want to take it for a spin.