Pre-ride Checklist

1. Attached handlebars securely and verify the operation of the controls.

2. Air the tires to the proper PSI, This is VERY IMPORTANT for the performance of these bikes!
LES350 Scooter Style –35-40 PSI MAX
Off Road—40-50 PSI MAX

3. Select speed of operation Low or High –See manual or go to Burromax Youtube Channel for instruction

4. Charge your Battery Fully before riding the bike- Plug the charger into the wall power FIRST and wait for GREEN Light. After Green light is lit you can plug into the bike. If the charger light goes RED when plugged into the bike the bike is charging. NOTE for TT250 owners: For the first 5 riding cycles do not discharge past a solid yellow light on bikes charge indicator. We want you to condition the new battery for maximum life.

5. READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL-for periodic maintenance!

Click here for Owner Manuals