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TT1000R Parts List and Exploded Views

No.Part NumberDescriptionPriceDetails
1610050Fork Leg Assembly, Left (Part #10050) Fits TT1000R$28.00View Item
1710051Fork Leg Assembly, Right (Part #10051) Fits TT1000R$28.00View Item
1800226Screw, SHCS, SS M6X25 (Part #00226) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$0.18View Item
1900225Washer, Lock M6 SS (Part #00225) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$0.06View Item
2000224Washer, Flat 6 SS .8mm Thick (Part #00224) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$0.06View Item
2110063Brake Caliper Assembly, 160mm Rotor, Front and Rear (Part #10063) Fits TT1000R$26.00View Item
2210170Brake Pads (Part #10170) Fits 2021/L TT250, TT350R, TT750R, TT1000R$8.95View Item
2310053Front Fork Set, Left and Right (Part #10053) Fits TT1000R$56.00View Item