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TT1000R Parts List and Exploded Views

No.Part NumberDescriptionPriceDetails
119073Headlight, High Intensity LED 48V with Water Resistant Plug (Part #19073) Fits TT1000R$34.95View Item
219049Key Switch w/Keys (Part #19049) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$16.95View Item
2.119050Key Set, 2 Keys (Part #19050) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$8.95View Item
319051Horn (Part #19051) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$8.95View Item
419052USB Charging Dock (Part #19052) Fits TT1000R, TT1000R$24.95View Item
519074Battery Charging Port (Part #19074) Fits TT1000R$11.97View Item
619054Taillight (Part #19054) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$16.95View Item
719090LED Side Light PCB Light Board, Right or Left (Part #19090) Fits TT1000R$12.00View Item
819058Switch, Hi/Lo Long Wire 270mm (Part #19058) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$2.50View Item
919905Battery, Lithium 48V 17.4AH 50A BMS (Part #19905) Fits TT1000R$375.00View Item
1019076Battery Charger 54.6 4 Amp, Li-Ion (Part #19076) Fits TT1000R$72.95Out of Stock
1119077Controller, 48V 50A Ver 1 (Part #19077) Fits TT1000R$92.00View Item
1219080Wire Harness, Handle Bar (Part #19080) Fits TT1000R$36.00View Item
1319070Motor, BLDC Burromax 1000W OEM (Part #19070) Fits TT1000R$145.00View Item
1419062Keys, Hi/Lo Switch (Part #19062) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$1.00View Item
1519063Switch, Side Light, Short Wire 120mm (Part #19063) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$2.50View Item
1619045Switch, Headlight and Horn (Part #19045) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$6.05View Item
1719069Throttle Control, H/L Switch (Part #19069) Fits TT1000R$29.50View Item
1819089Constant Voltage Wire Adapter for LED Side Light, Halo Light Only, Black Connector (Part #19089) Fits TT1000R$6.80View Item
1919093Constant Voltage Wire Adapter for LED Side Light, Bright Ring Light Only, White Connector (Part #19093) Fits TT1000R$6.80View Item
2000223Screw, SHCS Button Head, M5X10 (Part #00223) Fits TT1000R, TT1600R$0.12View Item