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TT350R (2019-later) Parts List and Exploded Views

No.Part NumberDescriptionPriceDetails
119003Charger Port with Wire (Part #19003) Fits All TT250, TT350R, TT750R$10.73View Item
219004Switch, Speed Hi/Lo (Part #19004) Fits All TT250, TT350R, TT750R$5.33View Item
319032Key Switch with Keys, 3 Position, Off/Acc/On (Part #19032) Fits TT350R, TT750R $11.95View Item
3.119033Key Set Only, All Models (2 Keys) (Part #19033) Fits All TT Model 250,350,750$6.95View Item
419022Controller, 24V w/ Tap and Light Package (Part #19022) Fits TT350R All Years, 3 position Key Switch 19032,16034 Req on 2016-2018$44.95View Item
519901Battery, Lithium 24V 11.6AH 30 Amp BMS (Part #19901) Fits TT350R$189.95View Item
5.119999Battery and Charger Kit- 24V 11.6AH 30 Amp Lithium Ion Battery, (Part #19999) Fits:TT250 TT350R$249.95View Item
819015Battery Charger for Lithium Ion 24V 4Amp 110v Batteries (Part #19015) Fits TT350R$48.95View Item
1019039Tail Light, TTR Models Body Mounted Plastics (Part#19039) Fits TT350R TT750R 2019/Later$16.95View Item
1119021Headlight, High Intensity LED 24V (Part #19021) Fits 2019/L TT350R TT750$16.95View Item
1216034Gauge, Digital Voltmeter and Percentage, 5-48V (Part #16034) Fits 2019/Later TT350R TT750R$17.95View Item
1319031Brake Lever Assembly, LH Rear Brake Only (Part #19031) Fits All 2021/earlier$11.95View Item
1419009Throttle w/ Light Switch (Part #19009) Fits TT350R, TT750$18.95Now Accepting Preorders
1519014Motor, 350W BDC (Part #19014) Fits TT350R Use 19040 500w motor for Upgrade$49.95Now Accepting Preorders