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Burromax 500W Neodymium Magnet Motor 24V (Part #19040) Fits ...

500W Neodymium Magnet Motor, 24V (Part #19040) Fits TT250, TT350R

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  • 500W Neodymium Magnet Motor, 24V (Part #19040) Fits TT250, TT350R-1
  • 500W Neodymium Magnet Motor, 24V (Part #19040) Fits TT250, TT350R-2

The new bolt-in performance motors will work on all Burromax TT250 and TT350R models providing more torque and speed than the stock motors offer. Expect approx. 18-19 MPH and nearly 50% more pulling power when installing this into a TT250. An excellent choice for Burromax, Razor and other brand Mini bikes that use 250W-350W 24 Volt motors in the drivetrain. Bolts in quickly and easily.
Prefer to have already installed Lithium Ion Battery for maximum enjoyment. Expect 10-15% less battery Life
12T Gear for 25H Chain installed
UPC 856364006529

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