Burromax is a St. Louis, MO based industry leader in electric mini bikes for kids & adults. Our focus on quality and safety makes our feature rich products unmatched in terms of usability, ruggedness and above all enjoyment. Burromax products were designed and tested to deliver dependable performance – day after day, week after week for years to come. When you make the choice to purchase a Burromax product, you’ve made the choice to buy a better product. We think you will agree that we have the best products in the world in our segments.

Compact Performance with a Stylish Lightweight Design all in one.

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Popular Items

Part #19999

Battery and Charger Kit- 24V 11.6AH 30 Amp Lithium Ion Battery, (Part #19999) Fits:TT250 TT350R

Part #19028

Battery 24V-7AH Sealed Lead Acid Pre Wired with Fuse (Part #19028) Fits TT250

Part #19015

Battery Charger for Lithium Ion 24V 4Amp 110v Batteries (Part #19015) Fits TT350R

Part #19010

Battery Charger for SLA 24V 1.5Amp 110v Lead Acid Batteries (Part #19010) Fits TT250

Part #10041

Tire with Inner Tube, Knobbie Type F/R 12.5X2.75 (Part #10041)

Part #16012

Horn, Electric add on with switch (Part #16012) Fits All TT250,350,750

Part #10032

Chain 25H-130 (Part #10032) Includes Master Link

Part #19033

Key Set Only, All Models (2 Keys) (Part #19033) Fits All TT Model 250,350,750

Part #10028

Inner Tube (Part #10028)

Part #10146

Tire with Inner Tube, F/R 12.5X2.75 Burromax Brand Track Tire (Part #10146)

Part #10149

Chain, Final Drive, T8F-110 Link (Part #10149) Fits TT750R

Part #10147

Tire, Set of 2, 12.5x2.75 Burromax Track Tire (Part #10147) Fits all TT250,350,750

Hot Products

  • $7195

    Training Wheels Accessory Kit for TT series Burromax Mini bike Models (Part #19705) Fits TT250 TT350R
  • $99995

    Electric Mini bike, TT750R Lithium Ion Powered, (Color: White Carbon Fiber)
  • $79900

    Electric Mini bike, TT350R Lithium Ion Powered, (Color: Matte Black Carbon Fiber)
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