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Because of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 in Missouri, we have been put on a stay at home order and all non essential business are closed until April 22. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. We are out of Stock on all Electric Models at this time! We expect delivery by April 26 on TT250 and TT350R and mid May for TT750R models. We are accepting Pre-Orders as demand is high this time of year so please place your order Today!


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  • $54995

    Electric Mini bike, TT350R Lithium Ion Powered, (Color: Yellow Lightening)
  • $5500

    SLA Battery 24V-7AH Pre Wired with Fuse (Part #19028)
  • $4995

    Battery Charger for Lithium Ion 24V 4Amp 110v Batteries (Part #19015)

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