How To Video Guides for your Burromax


Unboxing the New TT1600R

Unboxing a TT750R, similar to a TT350R and TT250

Unboxing & Setting Up The Burromax TT350R with Bill Francis

How to Videos

Tune up your Burromax Mini Bike

Change a Tire, adjusting the Brakes & adjust the Chain

Change the Brake Pads 2021 and Later

Replace the Chain on Your Burromax Mini Bike

Check the Battery, Throttle and Electronics on your Burromax

Change the Speed Controller on a Burromax mini bike

Replace a headlight on Burromax Mini Bike

Change the Speed Controller on a Burromax mini bike

Change the Body on a Burromax Mini Bike

Install the Handlebar Bag

Install a Horn on your Burromax Mini Bike

Not Charging? Here are ways to check why it is not charging

Replace a Motor on a Burromax TT350R

How to Wash your Burromax

Burromax Lifestyle

Interview with Burromax Owners at Beechbend Raceway Park

Cruising St. Louis-Electric Mobility Minibikes

Burromax 750R / Monster Moto 1000 offroad testing

Visiting @Burromax Mini-Bikes, Reviewing the TT750R and Test Riding the NEW TT1600R

Event Video

Burromax Minibikes Cruising in the town Family Fun!

Family Fun in the sun living the Burromax Lifestyle